Chemical & Allied Products
Printing Inks for Packaging Industry (Lamination Inks, Surface Inks, Reverse Inks)

The inks constitute the most important part in the packaging industry. We at KTWPL can supply the entire range of water/ solvent based printing inks for Flexo/ Gravure/ Offset printing. Our printing inks are of the highest international standards and are manufactured using the latest technology and put through stringent testing process in our in-house state of the art laboratory.

  • Flexo/ Gravure Poly Surface Printing Inks
  • Reverse Printing Inks for Polyester/ BOPP films
  • HDPE Inks for HDPE Woven Sacks
  • Deep Freeze (DF) Inks
  • Water Based Flexo Inks
  • Offset Inks
Master Batches & Resins

We offer fine quality Master Batches that are available with high concentrated pigmentation, thermoplastic resins, additives & modifiers to enhance product quality with excellent colour strength. These Master Batches are available in PVC, PP, LDPE & EVA, fluorescent, Matty, Glossy, Transparent, Opaque & Translucent, and Metallic Shades.

Industrial Chemicals

KTWPL can offer the full range of Chemicals used in various industrial sectors like, Pharmaceutical, Metal, Beverages, Powder Coating etc. from laboratory testing chemicals to industrial consumables. The chemicals will be supplied with superior packaging meeting international hazardous goods movement standards.

Color & Additive Expertise

To get the best results, color and additive formulations must be carefully chosen for compatibility with the polymer and a host of other factors. AlliedIndustries has a long history of creating standard masterbatches tailored to the specific requirements of almost any plastic resin or application. We create thousands of custom color and additive masterbatches every year for customers around the world, and test them against the most rigorous performance standards. The depth and breadth of our experience and expertise is why we can say that we have outstanding knowledge about adding color and performance to plastics.

Color Matching Service

AlliedIndustries Masterbatches has a local presence in 33 different countries and serves customers on six continents. Color specialists at our more than 50 manufacturing sites complete tens of thousands of color matches every year. This massive database of color formulas means chances are good we know exactly how to make your color… cost effectively and in conformance with REACH, food-contact approval and other local and global standards. Color management services include establishing color standards that recognize regional sources of raw materials, manufacturing practices and regulatory requirements so that you can get same great color anywhere in the world.

Delivery forms

AlliedIndustries Masterbatches is able to deliver color and additive concentrates in whatever form works best for you. We supply standard pelletized masterbatches, micro-beads or micro-granules, liquid concentrates, single pigment concentrates, salt-and-pepper blends and even pre-colored polymer compounds. Each of these options can offer cost and performance advantages, depending on the application and manufacturing environment. AlliedIndustries can assist customers in choosing between liquid color and the various solid forms. If liquids are selected, we can offer several clean, efficient and easy-to-use dosing equipment options.

Product Stewardship

All AlliedIndustries Masterbatches full-service manufacturing facilities worldwide strictly adhere to twenty-six compulsory Corporate Guidelines covering the environment, safety and health. We were among the first companies in the plastics industry to establish global policies aimed at reducing and eventually eliminating the use of heavy metals and phthalate plasticizers.

AlliedIndustries products help customers reduce energy consumption, limit the use of non-renewable resources, and make greater use of recycled materials. A global network of product stewardship and regulatory compliance specialists includes experts on regulations covering foods, beverages, drinking water, drugs, cosmetics, medical devices, consumer goods, toys, packaging, chemical and waste management. Since 2001, AlliedIndustries has played an active role in developing industry guidelines related to the implementation of the sweeping European chemical registration initiative known as REACH. In short, with its global reach and deep interest in corporate citizenship, AlliedIndustries Masterbatches is ideally positioned to help customers in the plastics industry achieve their product stewardship goals.